• Each work will have up to 3 authors.
  • It must correspond to an investigation carried out and with some of the general themes of the congress .
  • Solving a theoretical or practical problema.
  • Emphasis on results and conclusions.
  • Show scientific rigor and quality , both in content and in writing and spelling.
  • No summaries accepted.
  • The work must be written as a sigle document in Word 97 format or highand is composed of title, authors´data, summary,keywords, introduction, objectives,methods, results, conclusions and bibliography .Maximum 10-Quart Extension.
  • The title must not exceed 15 words .It is written in upper case held and bold.
  • Data of the authors: full name (s) and surnames, abbreviations or initials are not accepted, academic title or scientific degree, educational level in which they work, workplace, position they hold, email, research project in the that obtained the results it presents (if applicable).


·         The abstract should not exceed 200 words, it will be related to the title and it should reflect the most relevant aspects of the work and express its theoretical and practical importance, if it responds to a professional experience, research results or possible answers to educational problems concrete.



The presidency of the corresponding symposium will have the responsibility of reviewing, evaluating and selecting the works that will be presented at the International Congress. The works that violate the previous norms will not be evaluated. Once accepted, the authors will send, to the email, a video in mp4 format, with a maximum of 25 MB and 3 minutes long, where the speaker presents his main results and the problem that he solves.